Are we really free…

They say…Ones you”ll grow up, you”ll be free….free to walk alone…free to choose things…free to do whatever you want to do…free to say whatever you like etc.

And then…Time grow up. You think that you’re free now…you become happy & start shouting in happiness. Suddenly, someone comes to you & say you can’t just shout like this, people are getting disturbed. You’re like , “hey what’re you talking about , I’m free now, I can do whatever I like.” And they say, it’s illegal, you have to follow certain rules to live here.And at that time, you realise you were being fooled through all of your childhood & teenage.

“Ok, okk I”ll follow the rules, tell me the rules now, I’m ready to play..Oo I mean follow”, that’s what you say to them next day, after having a full night crying. They’re like… “Oo we know you”ll accept our terms & conditions, one day or the other, as you don’t have any other choice…(a hahaha or laughing feeling for them).”

And then starts the T&C part.First comes the family, then the relatives & then the society. And after these primary T&Cs comes the college & work life rules & regulations. Then there’s always the city administration, the state & central governments who have their own set of rules. Or above all comes the greatest set of rules which everyone must follow to remain the so called best person in the eyes of almighty, yeh…the religious set of rules.

And when you’ve accepted each & every rule out there, there comes some bonus rules for different kinds of people in different different areas. Some gender based rules, some color based rules or some religion or cast or area or language or anything based limitations. BONUS set of T&Cs is compulsory, if you belong to some specific category.

And then after accepting every bonus or non-bonus set of rules & regulations, you’re free. Ohh yes… you heard it right, you’re free to do this thing,… ”but why not that ?” , because that’s unacceptable to… ”to whom?” ,.. to those…or to us.

Then how can be call ourselves free, are we really free? No we aren’t, we’re bounded by a lot of unwanted & unnecessary limitations, & still we call ourselves free. How can it be ?

It’s not just about the boundations by others. Above all we’re bounded by our own thoughts, our own mind, we’re bounded by our own selves. How can we still be called free ?

We say birds are free, but there’s always some or the other situation, in which they’ve to follow limitations.

Nothing in this universe is absolutely free. Freedom is more of a relative term.We’re relatively more free than these..or we’re relatively less free than those.

We’re nothing but slaves of space & time.And how could a slave be called free ? We might be more or less free than the other, but we can’t be called absolutely free.

Ps : Don’t set the limits to your own self , don’t limit yourself. Be Free…🦋Free up your thoughts…😀✌️

Happy Independence Day…🇮🇳Jai Hind…🇮🇳

Happy Reading…🙂✍️

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts. 🕊️

To the infinity~goes the poetry…

My mind’s engine runs on the one which leads to victory…

for a blind… it’s the eye…

It’s the noise of a silence…

for the white, it’s the rainbow…

It’s the light for a darkness…

For the world…it’s the music…

It’s the hope for a hopeless….

for the barren, it’s the grass..

It’s the rain for the drought…

It’s the one which goes to infinity… Engine of my life is the poetry…

Happy Reading…🙂✍️

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts. 🕊️

Why in love with the Nature…

Love… the word says a lot.Love which binds everyone to everything. Whether it’s humans or any other creature…they all are bounded by the love.The Earth is basically nothing other than the stock of love.

The love for the almighty,The God, the love for the country,the love for Science, the love for the society , the love for the family & friends , the love for someone special. Well, love has a diversified field.Some people love the things, some love their dreams , some love their culture & values while some others love learning.

But the greatest of all kinds , which I found is the love for Nature. This love for nature eventually turns into the love for every single element of Nature. It actually pulls the best out of you. It makes you love everything or the other just because they all are interrelated.

The ones who prevail this kind of love are not the ones who hate something or the other but are the ones who love & accept everyone & everything with their shortcomings. This kind of love basically includes all other kinds of love in itself. The Nature Lovers are the ones who loves the God along with the Science , those who loves every human being along with other creatures. These’re the ones who loves their dreams in the same way as they love their work. These’re the kind of people who love their journey the way they love the destination.

They are learners, they’re curious, they’re the ones who enjoy the life the way a poetry lover enjoys a poetry. They’re the Karmyogis or the ones whose every action is selfless.

When you’re in love with Nature…You become the synonym of Love

Love the nature…and see the magic happen…✨

May you fall in love with the Nature..😃

Happy Reading…🙂✍️

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts. 🕊️

The Night Sky

The Night Sky…The one which always fascinates with its vastness, beauty & mysteries…., the Cosmo-fans ☄️, poets & writers ,detectives(& yehh.. their counters too), photo- hunters(or photographers..), painters,wanderers..(or one may call them travelers🤷‍♀️)..& many more…& yeh it has always fascinated..the ones who were busy fighting for the freedom…The ones who couldn’t just digest the injustice…The ones who had high self-esteem..✌️

The Night Sky…the one…which has always been a center for the curious ones…

The Night Sky…the one which has secretly witnessed every mystery out there & kept hidden them for the years…The one which has Truths…✌️..Not just cooked up stories or rumors…🤓….

The Night Sky… the one which has a lot to say…if you’re ready to hear

So look up to it if you want to know about something(or someone) which was always there but which was nowhere….🙃

Happy Reading…🙃✍️

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts

Difficult Times…

When life makes it all
difficult to cross
Think twice before responding to negative vibes
And when the destination seems too far
Enjoy the long journey with some popcorns

When you realize the path is full of problems
But you aren't able to get the correct answers
Just try to solve them even by wrong methods
You will feel better even with the failures

Whenever you think you're losing the track
And you only you are getting the continuous jerks
Just smile & accept the life as it is
And work harder & smarter for more benefits

We”ll meet soon…….????

I’m fed up of the tune…We”ll meet soon

I want to go there…we were best friends where…

The classroom in which we fought for nonsense things…

The corridor in which we tricked others a little bit..

I still remember those unwanted silences…

I want to hear the noises hidden into them…

Those rainy mornings in the corridors…

And the winters with early morning walks….

The fight with so called class monitors…

And those angry looks to the neighboring fellows…

Those moments of unnecessary family talks…

And the secrets of every classmate…

Those bunks with a little bit of carefulness…

And those history classes which were full of yawns…

The days when we used to hate some teachers…

Those prayers for test postponements & holidays…

Those talks about dreams & goals…

The life when we all were happy souls…

I miss the days without mobiles…& photos…

When every moment was full of beautiful thoughts…

Those teasings & the silly jokes…

The life without miseries & sorrows…

The sudden laughters of whole class….

And then the teacher’s “Silence..Silence..Silence..”….

I still love those tiny beautiful gifts…

They were priceless…those handmade greetings…

The “finger on the lips” & “keep quiet” moments…

Those chattings onto the last pages of notebooks…

The whispering in class & that “vegetable market” portion..

“This is worst class” , the familiar dialogue in the familiar tone…

I want to relive every moment of the school life….

Want those mornings with the irritated walks…

I want back…the prayers…the national anthem…

Want to wear again that beautiful school uniform….

I love the days when we used to be the angry birds…

I want those days back when teasings were real fun…

I want to go in my school…with every friend of mine…

I want every bit of it…the enjoyment & that shine…

I want to relive the days…when we were best friends…

want those beautiful smiles & endless talks…

Why we all’re at different places…?

I’m bored up of the same dialogues…

Fed up of….I’m really fed up of the tune….

That we”ll….we”ll surely meet soon…..

Happy Reading…🙂✍️

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts. 🕊️

Forest became the One…

I wasn’t able to create any poetic chain

The wasted ink was defining my pain

I kept myself hidden from the world

Tried different methods but nothing worked

When the pain became unbearable

I left pen, & became a wanderer

I walked outside & crossed the country

I became a wanderer in search of poetry

A hope was there in my head

The life of miseries is about to end

But I was wrong in thinking that

The miseries weren’t going to end

I walked through streets, searched the roads

The pen was still not writing my thoughts

I was searching for words to write

But words were dancing before my eyes

I searched buildings & every monument out there

But the poetry was not anywhere

I was suffering from endless agony

But there wasn’t any end to the journey

There were miles to go, oceans to cross

And the pain wasn’t bearable any more

When the hope wasn’t any more my guest

Then I found a path to forest

As I had lost all my hope

There wasn’t any thing to fear about

I walked through the path to woods

Suddenly the pen started writing my thoughts

I never thought that I would find peace

But all my agony lost somewhere in green

I wandered in all the world

And that was the end of pain

The poetry I was searching for

Forest became the one

I left my heart out there in forests

And came out with the beautiful poems

What I lost was the pain & calmness was the gain

I was in search of poetry & forest became the one

Happy Reading…🙂✍️

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts. 🕊️

Let the nature beam…Please Go Green..💚

Forest ~ The love of life…

Well…I’ve never ever visited the forest. But I’m a book lover & also a lover of forest. So, I think a place like this will be best suited for me…

But now , let’s discuss what it’s like to live in forest forever.( It’s just my imagination…😅)

Ohk ohk..I agree that forest isn’t a organised place to live on, & any one who is rational will never think of living there forever.

But what I want for all my life is chirping of birds, not that vehicular sound or regular chattering of those humans who keep themselves busy in insulting others. A flower’s smell is way better than that of sweets, of new paint or of new pages(though I like the smell of these too).

I want to feel the rain drops for all my life…want that smell of earth after rain.

I”ll prefer a real tree rather than seeing its picture in a book. I”ll prefer to see a butterfly instead of imaging about how it looks . see a lion in its habitat is much better than reading about its way of living.

Or to see a real kingfisher rather than seeing its pictures.

To see rabits & deers.. elephants & tigers..leopards & cheetahs..Well , I can only imagine how excited I”ll be then.

Well…it”ll be little adventurous…but adventures makes the life.🤠

Ohk”ll be risky…but tell me a single place where there’s no risk. Yes , you”ll find risks at any well organized place too.

One should visit that natural serenity to enjoy mysteries of the universe…. What ?…… Books could give you knowledge… need to improve one thing..they give you knowledge about the things.. someone has already imagined. And to imagine unimagined things , you need to be more observant & more calm , that’s what natural environment makes one.

Believe me, nature will never fail to amaze you.

Instead it”ll make you more observant , more calm & of course a better person.

If you’re the one searching for peace & purity , there’s no place which is better than a forest.

And if you’re curious enough to discover the undiscovered things , or want to solve out the unsolved mysteries , well , there’s no better place than a forest.

If you’re that someone who likes to paint , well , natural scenery is best suited.

And if you’re someone like me , searching for a poetry , I can say , forest will become the one.’ve to live your life with minimum things, but believe me , it”ll give you peace of mind.

And now you”ll say it’s just not possible to live with animals & birds all the time…ohk ohk..I agree…but I”ll say if you’ve lived with humans, then it’ll not be a though task to live with wild animals.

Anyone who is curious ,is artistic,is an aesthete ,is philosophical , is mystic,is interested in science, is searching for peace & divinity or is in search of a poem,will surely enjoy living in a forest.

Before writing this blog , I wasn’t sure enough that will my heart win this race with the mind or vice versa.But after finishing the blog , I realized that my mind & my heart both won the race together.

And now I again fell in love with the wood.

Those beautiful leaves , those morning chirpings of the birds , the longest & the broadest trees , the oldest trees & the newest plants , that flowing water , that smell of sand , those deers & the rabbits , those dancing peacocks & that king of the forest…ohh..I’m thinking about them..& I want to go there.

I want my mornings to start with the sound of the water flowing from my namesake .

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts. 🕊️

Ps : If it’s not for the forest(ohh..I know, I”ll not be allowed to live there)..Then, a place in its vicinity would be equally fascinating…

💚…Nature is love…💚

Happy Reading…🙂